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ORT schools in Israel: Purpose, Values, Vision

ORT Israel, founded in Act of (1949), continues to be the leading educational network in Israel, dealing among those who study values and fosters a broad education, with a focus in technology and science.

Network institutions include the schools – primary six – two industrial schools, education centers and engineering colleges and engineering. These institutions are leading and striving for excellence, each of its competitive arena.

ORT Israel and its institutions are managed by the core values:

Professionalism, excellence, innovation, reliability and fairness

Network is developing in its learners social and cultural values – with an emphasis on the values of human dignity, the values of giving to others, community and nation, and deepens the relationship of students to their heritage and Israel.

Network institutions foster – among pupils and students – values education and education technology – science and ICT, and make the Alumni Success Academy, the army and advanced industry and other sectors of the economy, by drawing upon their abilities, aptitudes and inclinations, to promote social and economic Niotm.

Network institutions are spread throughout the State of Israel, while placing – emphasis on the periphery, and provide quality education to all levels of society in all its sectors.

Network serves as a pioneer – in Israel and abroad – in the development and implementation of trends and innovative programs in technology, science and ICT.

  1. As a learning organization innovative and dynamic, constantly network fosters human capital: educators, employees and managers consistent with the needs of the State of Israel.
  2. Network fosters a culture of quality service to its institutions, its employees, its students and its partners.
  3. The network will operate with transparency and credibility with the official bodies and its partners in the complex components.